Q340A Thermocouples

Brand: Resideo Technologies Inc
Does not ship to United States

The Q340A thermocouples sense the pilot flame on standing pilot gas-fired heating systems.

The pilot flame heats the tip of the thermocouple, producing a temperature differential between it and the base to generate 30 millivolts.
  • Push-in Clip, Split Nut, or Adapter Assembly Available - Depending On Model, for Easy Pilot Burner Installation.
  • Male Nut Connector for Pilotstat® Safety Control Power Units.
  • Available in a Variety of Lead Lengths.



  • Adapter and Push In Clip

Tradeline Value

  • Universal

Temperature Ratings

  • Hot Junction: 760 °C; Cold Junction: 416 °C
  • Hot Junction: 1400 °F; Cold Junction: 780 °F


  • 30 mV; Open circuit output--26 mV to 32 mV

Connection Type

  • 11/32 32 Male Connector Nut


  • 0.03 ohms


  • 48 in.
  • 1219 mm

  • Thermocouple for Standing Pilot Applications

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