S8910U3000/U Universal Hot Surface Ignition Module

Part Number: S8910U3000/U Brand: Resideo Technologies Inc

Universal Hot Surface Ignition Module

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Universal hot surface ignition module replaces multiple field installed hot surface ignition modules supplied by Resideo, White-Rodgers, Robertshaw and Johnson.

Uses a 120 VAC igniter. Includes cross reference, instructions, and accessories for easy replacement.
  • Replaces Over 800 White-Rodgers, Robertshaw and Resideo Hot Surface Ignition Models.
  • For 120 Vac - Up to 5.0A Surface Igniter: Norton 201/271 or Equivalent.
  • S8910U 3000 Series Has Led Status Indicator and Microammeter Ports for Easy Trouble Shooting
  • For Local - Single Rod or Remote - Dual Rod Rectification Type Flame Sensing.
  • Contains Easy-to-Use Cross Reference and Instructions Plus the Accessories Required to Replace the Existing Hot Surface Ignition Module.
  • Provides One or Three Ignition Trials; Four-second or Seven-second Trials per Call for Heat.
  • Field Selectable Number of Ignition Trials and Trial Time Based on Unit Being Replaced.
  • Igniter Warm Up Time: 7; 12 Seconds Second and Third Trial, 17; 27 Seconds Second and Third Trial, 34, or 45 Seconds



  • 5-1/4 in. high x 4-1/16 in. wide x 1-15/16 in. deep
  • 133 mm high x 103 mm wide x 49 mm deep

Electrical Ratings

  • 24 Vac


  • 50 Hz; 60 Hz

Approvals, Canadian Standards Association

  • Design Certified

Tradeline Value

  • Tradeline

Flame Failure Response Time

  • 1.5 sec.


  • 32 seconds

Ambient Temperature Range

  • -40 °C to +79 °C
  • -40 °F to +175 °F

Ignition System Type

  • Direct Hot Surface Ignition

Ignition Sequence

  • The number of trials for ignition and trial time is determined by the dip switch selection.

Typical Gas Control

  • VR8205
  • VR8305

Type of Gas

  • Natural or LP

Flame Sense

  • Single Rod or Two Rods

Ignition Source

  • Line Voltage (120 VAC) Hot Surface Element (Norton Model 201 or 270)

Ignition Trials To Lockout

  • 1 or 3

Lockout Timing

  • 4 sec. or 7 sec.

Ignition Trial Time

  • 4 sec. or 7 sec.

Maximum Valve Load at 24 Vac

  • 2A

Typical Ignition Hardware

  • Norton 201
  • Norton 271
  • Q354

Between Trial Time

  • (2) 96 sec (32 Seconds Prepurge and 64 seconds interpurge)

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