S9200U1000/U Universal Hot Surface Ignition Integrated Furnace Control

Part Number: S9200U1000/U Brand: Resideo Technologies Inc

Universal Hot Surface Ignition Integrated Furnace Control

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Universal Integrated Furnace Control offers universal compatibility and diagnostics.

It replaces a large number of furnace control models in single-stage warm air furnaces.

Uses 120Vac hot surface igniter.

Includes instructions and special wire harnesses for easy replacement.
  • Cross Reference and Wire Harnesses Provided for Simple Replacement Over 195 Existing Furnace Controls.
  • Main Burner Ignition Using a 120V Hot Surface Igniter.
  • Flame Rectification Circuit to Monitor Flame Presence.
  • Monitoring of System Pressure Switch, High Temperature Limit, and Rollout Functions.
  • Appliance Operation/Safety Requirements Controlled via Microprocessor.
  • Controls Circulating Fan Motor Based on Appliance Requirements, in Response to a Conventional Low Voltage Thermostat.
  • Led System Status, Performance and Diagnostic Indication.
  • Twinning Capability



  • 60 Hz

Operating Humidity Range

  • 0% to 95% non-condensing

Operating Temperature Range

  • -40 °F to +175 °F
  • -40 °C to +79 °C

Flame Failure Response Time

  • 2 Seconds max @ 1µA


  • 30 seconds


  • 15 seconds

Cool Fan On Delay

  • 5 seconds

Cool Fan Off Delay

  • 0 or 60 seconds

Line Voltage

  • 120 Vac (97-132 Vac)

Low Voltage

  • 24V (18-30 Vac)

Igniter Current

  • 5 A resistive @ 120VAC

Thermostat Anticipator Setting

  • (Stage 1 only) 100mA

HSI Warmup Time

  • 17/27 or 30/30 seconds

Trial for Ignition

  • 4, 6, or 8 seconds


  • 60 seconds

Ignition Trials

  • Three, two tries if flame is not sensed

Number of LEDs

  • 3

Heat On Fan Delay

  • 30 or 60 seconds

Heat Off Fan Delay

  • 60, 90, 120, or 180 Seconds

Gas Control Used With

  • Any 24Vac redundant, direct ignition gas control rated at 1.5A or less. Honeywell VR8205 recommended.

Cooling Contactor Used With

  • Any 24Vac contactor rated at 1.0A or less

Induced Draft Blower Load

  • 2.2FLA / 25LRA max @120Vac

Ciculator Load

  • 14.5FLA / 25LRA max @120Vac

Type of Fan Used With

  • Standard Induction-Type Circulating Fan

  • Single Stage Warm Air Furnaces

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