V8043A5029/U 24V 3/4 in Sweat N.C. Zone Valve

Part Number: V8043A5029/U Brand: Resideo Technologies Inc

24V 3/4 in Sweat N.C. Zone Valve

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Two-way on-off low voltage valves consist of an actuator and valve assembly for controlling the flow of hot water.
  • All Models May be Installed without Disassembling the Valve.
  • Compact Construction for Easy Installation.
  • Manual Opener: On All Models, Except Straight-Through, Normally Open Valves, for Valve Operation on Power Failure; Valve Returns to Automatic Position When Power is Restored.
  • Complete Powerhead May be Removed or Replaced without Breaking Plumbing Line Connections or Draining the System.
  • "Quick Fit" Pushbutton Powerhead Makes it Easy to Remove for Service.
  • Series 5000 Replacement Powerhead is Backward Compatible with Series 1000 Zone Valves.
  • Innovative Motor Technology Offers Silent Operation, Water Hammer Resist and Longer Life.



  • 4-3/8 in. high x 3-1/2 in. wide x 2-3/8 in. deep
  • 111 mm high x 89 mm wide x 60 mm deep


  • Use this valve in closed loop hydronic systems that do not contain dissolved oxygen in system water, such as fresh water from frequent source of makeup water. Valve designed for cycling (not constantly powered on) applications.


  • 60 Hz

Approvals, Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

  • CSA C/US: File 1322

Approvals, Canadian Standards Association

  • CSA Certified: File 1322

Operating Humidity Range

  • 5 to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing


  • 24 Vac; Power Consumption - 7.2 VA

Ambient Temperature Range

  • 52 °C Maximum
  • 125 °F Maximum

Connection Type

  • Sweat

Electrical Connections

  • 18 in. leads
  • 457 mm leads


  • Nominal Open - 15 sec

Body Pattern

  • Two-way, Straight-through

Pipe Size

  • 3/4 in.
  • DN20

Current Draw

  • 0.32A

Fluid Temperature

  • 10 °C to 93 °C
  • 50 °F to 200 °F

Maximum Differential Pressure Ratings

  • Close-off
  • 20 psi
  • 138 kPa


  • 3.5 Cv
  • 3 Kv

Valve Action

  • Spring return to close

Valve Type

  • Zone Valve

Body Material

  • Brass

Seat Material

  • Brass

Stem Material

  • Stainless Steel


  • Two position

De-energized Position

  • Normally Closed

Static Pressure Rating

  • 300 psi
  • 2068 kPa

Plug/Ball/Disc Materials

  • Buna-N (NBR) Rubber Ball

Packing Material

  • EPDM rubber

Manual Opener

  • Yes

  • Hydronic Control

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