VR8304M3509/U Single Stage, 24 Vac, Standard Opening, Intermittent Pilot Gas Valve. 1/2 x 3/4". Set 3.5" WC

Part Number: VR8304M3509/U Brand: Resideo Technologies Inc

Single Stage, 24 Vac, Standard Opening, Intermittent Pilot Gas Valve. 1/2 x 3/4". Set 3.5" WC

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Combination gas control for use in 24 Vac gas-fired, intermittent pilot appliances with capacities from 30 to 415 cfh.
  • Controls Include Safety Shutoff, Manual Valve, Two Automatic Operators, Pressure Regulator and Pilot Adjustment.
  • Use with S86F,H; S860D; S8600F,H; S8610 and S90A,B Control Modules.
  • Compact Size.
  • Provide Two Automatic Valves.
  • Solenoid Operated First Automatic Valve Opens on Thermostat Call for Heat; Closes when Call for Heat Ends.
  • Diaphragm-operated Second Automatic Valve Opens Under Control of Regulator; Closes if Gas or Power Supply is Interrupted.
  • Meet Codes Requiring Dual Safety Shutoff.
  • Natural to LP and LP to Natural Conversion Kits Available for Standard and Slow Opening Gas Valves.
  • All Adjustments, Wiring Connections and Pilot Outlet are Accessible from Top of Control.
  • Adjustable Servo Regulator Effectively Maintains Almost Constant Gas Output Pressure Under Wide Fluctuations in Gas Supply Pressure.
  • Compatible with Eco Connector.
  • On-Off Lighting Sequence.



  • 5-3/8 in. high x 4-1/16 in. wide x 2-11/16 in. deep
  • 135 mm high x 104 mm wide x 69 mm deep


  • One 3/4 in. x 1/2 in. reducer bushing; Natural to LP gas conversion kit.


  • 0 to 90 degrees in any direction from the upright position of the gas control knob, including vertically.


  • 60 Hz

Approvals, Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

  • UL Component Recognized MCCZ2.MH5323

Approvals, Canadian Standards Association

  • CSA International: 112395

Electrical Connections

  • 1/4 in. quick-connect male terminals


  • 24 Vac

Operating Temperature Range

  • -40 °F to +175 °F
  • -40 °C to +79 °C

Body Pattern

  • Straight-through

Opening Characteristics

  • Standard Opening

Pressure Ratings

  • 1/2 psi
  • 3.5 kPa

Inlet/Outlet Size

  • 1/2 in. x 3/4 in.

Pilot Gas Outlet

  • Compression fitting for 1/4 in. OD tubing

Pressure Tapping

  • 1/8 in. NPT with plug

Type of Fuel

  • Natural
  • LP with included conversion kit


  • At 1 in. wc p.d. - 270,000 BTUh: 30,000 BTUh minimum: 370,000 BTUh maximum Natural Gas

Pressure Regulator

  • Standard

Pressure Regulator Setpoint

  • 3.5 in. wc
  • 0.87 kPa

Ignition Type

  • Intermittent Pilot

  • Single Stage

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